As the Sixers continue to play towards their first postseason appearance since the 2011-12 season, there continues to be rumors and reports of LeBron James' potential interest in coming to Philadelphia in Free Agency.  For example, in The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor's recent article he reports that LeBron has four teams currently on his list of potential destinations: Lakers, Rockets, Sixers, or stay with the Cavs.  On the flip side, James has denied rumors that he has taken time to checkout Philadelphia area schools while we have evidence of him visiting Los Angeles area schools with his wife.  Even though LeBron can be a Free Agent this summer, he does have a Player Option he can opt-in to stay in Cleveland for one more year and be paid 35.6 Million next season.

Seven-year NBA Veteran and NBC Sports Philadelphia Pre/Post game Sixers Analyst Marc Jackson joined The Sports Bash on Thursday with his perspective on the potential of LeBron James joining the Sixers:

“The fact is that LeBron James is a Point Guard, LeBron James has been a Point Guard since he first came into the league…he has the ball, (the) primary ball handler, distributes to everyone.  So if that’s the case with LeBron, what happens to Ben Simmons? – Ben Simmons and LeBron James are both Point Guards, they both primarily ball distributors but LeBron is more aggressive.  So one of them has to play off the ball; if LeBron is going to be the primary ball handler, Ben has to play off the ball.  Yes (Simmons) can  get some buckets slashing to the basket but if I’m the opposing team, every time LeBron has the ball I’m sitting in the pain which means LeBron will not be able to penetrate….I don’t think it can work – Ben Simmons is 21 years old, if you bring LeBron in you are stopping Ben’s development and Ben is a younger version of LeBron who can develop the jump shooting as the years go by.  But if you bring LeBron in, whether it’s for two-three- four years, that is two-three-four years that you’re setting Ben Simmons (develop) back.”

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