Did you miss the Sports Bash or do you just want to listen to it again?

The Sports Bash ON DEMAND gives you the chance to go back and hear what you missed.  Its the Sports Bash with Mike Gill and Todd Ranck.

Here is today's show: Tuesday April 24th, 2012.

Metta World...wait what?

2:00 p.m. hour

Mike and Todd open the show with their opinions on the Sixers making the playoffs for the second year in a row under Doug Collins.  It's the 4th time out of the last 5 years for the Sixers. Mike Gill thinks the Sixers have the best shot against the Bulls because of an injured Derrick Rose, while Todd wants to see the Heat in the 1st round just so he can go see "The Big 3" live in person!

Now someone who texted in from "The Sportsbash Warmup" show was heckling Todd about the NBA playoffs, saying "do your research, the NBA 1st round is a best of 5 not 7." This is obviously incorrect and the guys made sure to correct the texter and insisted on him doing some research of his own.  The texter has since apologized for those remarks.

12 Things That Define A Leader?

Mike Gill recited a list of 12 things that define a leader, a debate followed with how many of these characteristics make up Andre Iguodala. The two agreed on most, rewarding Iguodala with less than half of these qualities.

Nets to Brooklyn

The last segment of the 2:00 hour had the guys talking about the move of the NJ Nets to Brooklyn, NY.  Will they ever rival the NY Knicks?  Where will the NJ Nets fans flock to?  Plus the guys recount a story from their college years about spending a night in the "vibrant" city of Newark, NJ.

3:00 p.m. hour

In hour number 2 things really started to heat up with Mike and Todd debating the Metta World Peace elbow on James Harden. The guys firmly disagree on this hot topic. with Mike saying World Peace did NOT know who he was elbowing, and the intent was not there to injure James Harden.  Todd says absolutely he knew what he was doing and that the intent was there.  You the callers chimed in with your opinions as well!

3:45: The Sportsbash Stock Exchange

It's time for BUY or SELL (my personal favorite part of the show) hosted by Pete Giordano!

1. BUY OR SELL the Saints firing Mickey Loomis whether or not the allegations are true or false.

2. BUY OR SELL the NFL players involved in Bountygate "embracing" their role in it as Roger Goodell told Rich Eisen of NFL Network.

3. BUY OR SELL the performance of Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw.  This will be something I will be keeping a close eye on every Monday night.  Be prepared every Tuesday afternoon!

4:00 p.m. hour

The Ron Artest argument continues to be debated in this hour!  More of your reaction is coming in about the intent of Metta World Peace's elbow to James Harden.  Top Tweet's as always included in this hour! Should Hulk Hogan have more followers than 324,000?

5:00 p.m. hour

Flyers rookie C Sean Couturier calls in at 5:05!  What a job he did in shutting down Evgeni Malkin for most of the series. A hat trick in Game 2 isn't too shabby either. What was Sean's favorite moment of the series? Who is the top player in the NHL right now? What team does Sean want to face in Round Two? The answers are all right here!

More Injuries...

Mike Gill breaks down the Phillies flawed lineup and talks about the injury to Hunter Pence. Mike also talks about the managerial job Charlie Manuel has done so far this season.

It's Time for 5 Questions

The show ends today with a little 5 Questions hosted by Ryan Messick!

1. The Phillies scored 5 meaningless runs last night.  Will they score more than 5 runs in the next two games combined?

2. The Phillies are 7-10, is it time to hit the panic button yet?

3. According to reports, the BCS is considering a neutral site proposal for a four team playoff, would four teams be enough to decide a National Champion?

4. The NFL Draft begins this Thursday, what are the top 5 Eagles draft needs?

5. If Wiregate is proven conclusively to be true, what should the punishment be for the Saints?


Pete Giordano is the producer of "The Sportsbash," e-mail him: 973espn@gmail.com
Twitter: @peteyg973