PHILADELPHIA ( - It might not be the sexiest name but the Eagles should be getting some reinforcements in the coming weeks.

Whether it comes from outside the organization will be known by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, the NFL's trade deadline.

With receiver, running back, defensive tackle and secondary as positions that could use some support and flailing teams like Oakland, Arizona, the New York Giants and Denver shaping up as sellers, executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman will surely be on the phone doing his due diligence on some high-profile names.

“You’ve got to look at it a little bit from an injury standpoint because we have missed some guys during the first part of the season, but I don’t think that’s the sole purpose for making a move,” Doug Pederson said when discussing the trade deadline at his Monday press conference after the team's win in London against Jacksonville.

Caught in the middle between his current locker room and change, the coach straddled the fence.

“I’m very confident and comfortable with the guys we have,” he claimed. “I’m very confident in those guys and in this group. We are constantly looking. If we can add value and if we can add talent anywhere on the team, we are going to look at that … If it values the Eagles and helps us win games, we’ll see.”

Roseman and Pederson have had an excellent relationship since the latter arrived in 2016, one in which Roseman builds the roster with the help of personnel chief Joe Douglas and then hands it off to Pederson.

Last season, despite tremendous early success, Roseman made the move for running back Jay Ajayi and things worked out beautifully for the Eagles.

“One of the things with he and I is we are both on the same page with all of that,” Pederson said when asked about his relationship with Roseman. “We look at our roster, and again, if it is an area that can help us win games in these next eight weeks and hopefully beyond, we are going to maintain that aggressiveness just like we did with Jay a year ago and that helped us win a championship. That is all a part of this process.”

This time Philadelphia is at .500 and has to weigh a late-season run vs. mortgaging part of the future.

“I think it has to be the right person, it has to be a character fit and it has to fit what we do,” Pederson said.

If the Eagles are unable to make a deal, however, the team will still be getting some reinforcements back from injured reserve at some point with the first name off Pederson's lips being veteran tight end Richard Rodgers, a big-bodied, in-line option that the roster currently lacks.

The team can designate two IR players to return and after Rodgers, the next most likely candidates are receivers Mack Hollins (groin) and Mike Wallace (fractured fibula).

“These guys are doing a heck of a job with their rehab,” said Pederson. “Obviously, they want to get back out on the field. We’ve got some time this week to get them ready and see where we’re at next week.”

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