For over two months we have heard numerous rumors about potential trade possibilities for the Sixers to unload one of their big men, Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel, to free up the log jam at the position on the roster.  On Tuesday 76ers General Manager Bryan Colangelo told Sirius XM NBA Radio that "probably one of them has to go at some point".  But should we expect a trade sooner or later?

Sixers Beat Writer Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer was on The Sports Bash Thursday and explained why it may benefit the Sixers for Colangelo to continue to be patient in his efforts to trade one of the team's big men:

"I think teams realize maybe he is not as desperate to unload them as they initially thought. The fact that he is keeping them and has yet to make a trade yet makes teams think like “whoah this guy is for real.”  Even if he keeps them during the season, it could be a possibility in November that if a team needs a big, then they be willing to give up more than what they are now.  They may give up draft picks and a quality player.  All of it is gamesmanship, it is one of things where if you give them up now then you may not get anything (but) If you hold on to them then you basically are bringing up the market value for the player.”

Hear Pompey explain why Jerryd Bayless, Gerald Henderson, and Sergio Rodriguez chose to sign with the Sixers along with how Ben Simmons can become the marquee type player to attract free agents to Philadelphia