On Friday, Sixers President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo hosted another Press Conference in which he frustrated the media and 76ers' Fan Base with evasive answers while cutting short the session with the media out of perceived displeasure with the line of questions.  Over his last 22 months with the Sixers' Organization, Colangelo has demonstrated behavior with the media that lacks the transparency he promised when he was hired.  Usually it has been Head Coach Brett Brown taking the bullets for the organization when the media has questions about decisions that are not his responsibility.  The lack of clarity and constructive communication from the 76ers organization has been consistently an issue since Josh Harris and his investment group purchased the team in 2011.  So why has Bryan Colangelo handled of the media without the transparency that was previously promised?

SiriusXM NBA Host and Forbes NBA Columnist Mitch Lawrence joined The Sports Bash on Friday with his perspective on Bryan Colangelo and Sixers handling of the media:

“Bryan, bad job – I’m going to blame the owners too because this is something that must come down from above him because he never acted this way when he was in Toronto or Phoenix when his father (Jerry Colangelo) owned and ran the Suns and when Maple Leafs Sports (And Entertainment)were his bosses, he never had that type of relationship with the media.  So I’m assuming it’s Josh Harris and his guys who are telling him to be evasive and that’s a bad job on their part because once again it’s not good for your fans….And here’s the amazing thing Josh Harris, the Eagles won the Super Bowl, the pressure’s on you now too, to start doing some things.”

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