The Sixers fired head coach Brett Brown back on Aug 24.

So far no replacement has been announced, but plenty of names have been discussed.

Ty Lue and Billy Donovan are two names that the team is reported to be interested in.

Jason Kidd and John Lucas were reported to have interest in the position.

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Another name that has just become available is former Houston Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni. D’Antoni is expected to be among the candidates considered by the Sixers as they seek a new head coach, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Monday on SirusXM NBA Radio's Starting Lineup show, veteran NBA journalist Frank Isola and Mitch Lawrence discussed why they thought D'Antoni might be the right fit for the Sixers.

"If you're the Philadelphia 76ers, and you're sitting there and you have Ben Simmons and all of us have been waiting, wondering when all this untapped potential is finally going to reveal itself.  How could you not consider Mike as a coach?" Isola questioned.

During D'Antoni's tenure in Houston, the Rockets shot more 3-pointers than any team in the NBA.  However, the Sixers really don't have a roster built to chuck up the 3-point shot.

The guys discussed D'Antoni's tenure with the Knicks, where he used Chris Duhon into a serviceable NBA player in the pick-n-roll game. In the two season togther in New York, Duhon, a marginal NBA player has his best two seasons, scoring 9.4 points per game, including a career high 11.1 during the 2008-09 season. His career NBA average was just 6.5 per night.

If the Sixers want to get the most out of Simmons, is D'Antoni the right fit?

"He's the point guard whisper," Lawrence stated.


D'Antoni has spent the past four seasons in Houston, after a stint on Brown's bench as an assistant coach. Overall in 16 years as a head coach with Denver, Phoenix, New York, Los Angles and Houston he is 672-527 and just 54-56 in the playoffs.

His teams are known to be high scoring but not great defensive teams.

So Sixers fans, if Mike D'Antoni the right fit for this roster?

One other name to keep an eye on is current Raptors assistant Adrian Griffin per Michel Kaskey-Blomain over at CBS Sports. The team interviewed him twice back in 2013 before settling on Brown and apparently there is still some interest by the team.

Griffin you might remember played for the Atlantic City Seagulls of the USBL back in 1998 and 1999.

Lue, Donovan, Kidd, D'Antoni or Griffin, do any of these names excite you?

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