Sixers rookie Nerlens Noel tweeted "4-4-14" on his Twitter account on Sunday - could that be a sign that Noel is about ready to step on the court soon?

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Unnamed sources confirmed to Sixers beat writer Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquire that Noel's tweet of was indeed a reference to a potential return date, but apparently "this is just a wish that [Noel] had not disclosed to the Sixers as of Sunday afternoon."

It was reported Friday that Noel has started going through 1-on-1 workouts in his rehab, but keep in Noel is barely more than a year removed from his ACL tear, so a return during this lost season still seems unlikely.

The question is Sixers fans, do you think the Sixers should play Noel at all this season?  Is it worth finding out a little but about the sixth overall pick in the draft?

My answer would be yes.

I think the Sixers owe it to their fans to give them a small glimpse of the future, they also owe it to themselves to find out what they might have, so they know how to move forward this off-season.

What if Noel gets on the floor and looks completely lost - do you enter the 2014-2015 season with him as a main center-piece to the rebuild?  Sure playing 10 meaningless games might not show you what he can do fully, but it might give you a better indication of that kind of instincts he has and what kind of defensive presence he can be around the rim.