The Sixers have an obvious logjam at the Center position but thanks to Joel Embiid playing under minutes and game restrictions, Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel have been able to get playing time through out the season.  Okafor has started 18 Games this season averaging 23 Minutes Per Game while Noel has started 3 Games and averaged 17.9 Minutes Per Game.  The assumption is the 76ers are showcasing Okafor in the games Embiid is not playing in order to present him to potential trade suitors.

Chris Mannix of The Vertical and NBC Sports Radio joined Mike Gill on Thursday and explained why the Sixers have not been able to move Okafor or Noel thus far:

"It's all about the asking price, the issue that the Sixers are having is that they look at their guys still as two Top Six (NBA Draft) Picks and across the league people don't really look at them (that way).  I was talking with one (NBA) Executive last week who said 'I look at Okafor and Noel as being solid role players with my team'.  And the Sixers, in terms of trade value, they are still looking at those guys as being a little bit more then that.  So until the demand meets the asking price there is always going to be a disconnect."

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