When the Eagles started the season 3-0 Rookie Quarterback Carson Wentz was the talk of the NFL and the new big star in Philadelphia.  But now the Eagles are 5-5 with six games to go in 2016 while Wentz over the last 5 games is averaging 230 Yards Passing Per Game with 4 Touchdowns and 6 Interceptions along with a 61.91 Completion Percentage.  So is Wentz regressing or is his poor play a correlation with the team's struggles as a whole?

ESPN.com ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner was a guest on The Sports Bash and went into depth the underlying issues for Wentz struggles after his hot start to the season:

“It’s a combination of factors, the pass blocking is not that good and they really do not have the receivers. I think that Philadelphia play called their way to alot of success early on and teams have figured out that this is what we need to do against them to slow Wentz down....Part of it is that he knows he cannot trust his receivers, the offensive line has not blocked as well....When it comes to rookies they tend to hit the rookie wall about this time of year.  They are used to playing in college which is a 13 game season but they usually have three or four games that are cream puff games and you only ever have to really step your game up a couple of games through the course of the season. Now you get to this level and you play a really long season and it is a lot more physical and a lot more difficult.”

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