The Sixers currently stand at 36-29 with 17 games remaining and a major catalyst of the team's success has certainly been Joel Embiid.  Embiid has appeared in 54 games this season while averaging 31.2 Minutes Per Game, only Ben Simmons (34.6) and Robert Covington (32.2) are averaging more MPG.  Embiid's impact is more than just him leading the team in Points (23.4), Rebounds (10.9) and Blocks (1.7) per game, Joel is the target of other teams' defensive game plans which gives his teammates opportunities for open shots around him.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Pre/Post Game Sixers Analyst Marc Jackson joined The Sports Bash on Monday talking about Joel Embiid's impact on the Sixers:

“He knows he’s always got a target on his back and he wants that target, he posts on Instagram or (Twitter) that’s he’s one of the best and he’s such a big symbol for the 76ers that people coming after him and he knows he’s fatigued.  So what I think has really happened with Joel, Joel has matured so much that he understands (that he) has to get to the Foul Line, try to get some easy ones, not settle for jumpers or hang around this three point line and he’s made adjustments – Get to the basket, get on the box,  establish yourself because the Sixers have enough guards, they have enough perimeter players, they only have one Joel Embiid.”

Hear what Jackson had to say about the Sixers' upcoming schedule, Ben Simmons, Tuesday's matchup with the Pacers, and more

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