In his first game of the 2017-18 season, Joel Embiid certainly did not disappoint as he got to exceed his Minutes Restrictions that were discussed leading up to Wednesday Night.   In the Sixers loss to the Wizards, Embiid compiled 18 Points, 13 Rebounds, and One Block while shooting 7-15 from the floor in 27 minutes of game time.  This is a positive sign that the 76ers and Head Coach Brett Brown are willing to exceed any restrictions on a game by game basis.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Sixers Analyst Marc Jackson joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday and gave his perspective on Embiid's play versus the Wizards:

"He has to (work) that rust off and then get his rhythm back. He was chipping slowly but surely, and that’s a good thing. When you see moves like he would make, that he would look good and then the next one he would look rusty.  I would take that because that’s a positive right there, that means you see he is still behind the 8 ball, still not 100 percent and he still finished with a double-double last night and he team almost when they were 2 turnovers away from getting a win. Now listen, the sky is the limit and I really believe his chemistry with Ben (Simmons), with JJ (Redick) is great and I really think that’s a nice duo along with the foundation pieces they have with role players. They have a lot to build on."

Checkout what Jackson had to say about Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz and more Sixers talk

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