The Sixers started training camp on Tuesday without Ben Simmons, but can't seem to shake the questions about their AWOL teammate.

Sixers center Joel Embiid responded to a report that suggest Simmons said he would like to be moved in part because he doesn't think his game meshes with Embiid's game and that he would be better off playing without Embiid moving forward.

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"It was kind of surprising to see what was said," Embiid admitted. "The reason we signed Al (Horford), we got rid of Jimmy (Butler), which I still think was a mistake, just to make sure he (Simmons) needed the ball in his hands."

"The situation is borderline disrespectful," Embiid continued.

While Embiid didn't hold back, he did admit that the team is better with Simmons than without him, but enough is enough and the teams star center spoke the truth.

"We still hope he changes his mind," Embiid said.

If he doesn't, fines will be continuing.

As you can see in the tweet belong from ESPN's Kevin Negandhi, Simmons has already been fined up to $50,000 for missing media day on Monday.  He's racked up another $15,000 for missing practice this week and any other practice from this point forward he will be fined another $50,000 per practiced missed. Should Simmons elect to miss a exhibition or regular season game, he will be fined $227,000 per game missed for the first 20 missed. After that the fines go up to $300,000 per game missed.

ESPN's Front office insider Bobby Marks will join me today (Friday) at 3:40 to discuss this further, plus which teams could make a deal for Simmons and what the conversation in the Sixers front office might be like.

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