The Philadelphia 76ers are looking for a way to bounce back in Game 2 against the Toronto Raptors. On Saturday, the Sixers kept it close for most of the game, but it sure didn't feel like a competitive matchup. To simply summarize the first meeting between the two teams, the Raptors were making a majority of their shots and rarely turning the ball over. The Sixers, on the other hand, were struggling to make shots and did not take care of the ball. When that happens against good teams, you must pay for it.

The Sixers surely paid for it as they drop to 0-1 in the series. Typically, even if they lose, they get a solid effort from their big man, Joel Embiid. Unfortunately, Embiid had his hands full during Game 1. While Embiid is the healthiest he's been in months, he was hardly a factor on Saturday.

He recognized that himself and made it clear that he needs to come out firing during Game 2. Of course, though, he can't do it without making things interesting. After being absent from the injury report over the last couple of days, Embiid lands himself back on it for Monday's game - but it doesn't have anything to do with his bad knee. Instead, Embiid is dealing with gastroenteritis.

Another day, another Philadelphia 76ers' star getting gastroenteritis. The good news is that Embiid is listed as 'probable,' which is almost a guarantee that he's going to play. Unfortunately, the bad news is that the Sixers need him playing his best basketball, and his minor setback could be a problem as he has been struggling in the matchup.

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