Sixers center Joel Embiid will see three more doctors to look at his foot and the team should have an answer about his future in "a couple weeks," according to 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil.

While some believe that there’s a legitimate chance that Embiid won’t play at all during the 2015/16 season, the Sixers are making sure they cover all bases before making any rash decisions.

"We're still waiting," O'Neil said as a guest on Breakfast on Broad on Comcast Sports Net. "We have another three doctors to come see him. The nice thing about jobs like these — you can literally get the best experts in the world. All you have to do is call and they would love to see us."

While any doctor will come to see Embiid, every fans wants to see him on the court and know that he is going to be healthy and ready to go this season.

"We're trying to figure out, with a 21-year-old, how do you focus wholly on long-term health and wellness and make sure he's OK," O'Neil said. "So what we're doing now is seeing experts, the best experts from around the world to make sure we make the right decisions with him and his family and do the best.

The Sixers are still at the information gathering stage, and while it's possible Embiid doesn't need to have a second procedure, nothing has been ruled out at this point.   At this stage, its too early to tell one way or the other if Embiid will require a second surgery on his right foot.

"And everyone wants to jump to the worst conclusion, which is … people can jump to whatever they want. It's just not healing at the same rate we'd like to see."

If Embiid's foot doesn't heal at the rate they would like to see, then the Sixers rebuild justy might not advance as quickly as fans would like to see.

O'Neil didn't rule out Embiid playing in the summer league yet, this after saying back in April that he was helpful he would be out there this summer.

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