With the Eagles trade up to the number two overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the assumption is that the Eagles will select Quarterback Carson Wentz.  The Football Scientist & ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner told The Sports Bash why he is high on Wentz as an NFL Quarterback prospect:

"I'm looking at Wentz going OK what am I checking off that I don't like about Wentz? Well is he big? Yeah he's 6'5", 237. Okay, is he accurate? He's exceptionally accurate, Scouts, INC. gives him a '1' which is their best accuracy ranking and they're really stringent about those accuracy rankings. So he's accurate, he's big, we know he's intelligent, he's highly intelligent. He'll take a hit, I mean he stands in there when the pass rush is coming and he'll stand up there, so he's got toughness. And I keep checking off all these boxes and I can check off 6 Parcell's Boxes, even 7 cause you can almost say almost say he could've been a three year starter. And I can't find a reason to not like this guy."

Hear what Joyner what he does not understand about this Eagles trade, his analysis of Jared Goff and he answered the question which Quarterback will have a better NFL carrer: Goff, Wentz or Sam Bradford