The expectations are that with new President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo in charge of the Sixers Front Office, the team will be moving on from Sam Hinkie's "Process".  ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler joined The Sports Bash and gave his perspective of the situation in Philadelphia

"I think they're trying to get this thing cleaned up and get it going in the right direction and finally, instead of being in this constant mode of literally driving it into the ground, well guess what you hit the ground. And now it's time to starting taking some these assets and doing something with them and starting getting a winning environment and at least the mentality that you're trying to win now, trying to develop and put together a roster that works. They weren't doing that and I think now with what's been going on last couple weeks, I think their trying to clean house and trying 'Ok this is what we need to do'. I'm OK with what they've done but the optics of it make them look even more disorganized then everybody thought they were in the first place. But at the end of the day, forget about the process to get there, if they get there and they get the right people in place and they start moving in the right direction that's really all that matters if you are a Sixers fan and I think they might be finally doing that."

Legler went on to talk about why the Sixers need to either draft Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram

Andy Lyons,Grant Halverson/Getty Images

"Now obviously they need a break with this (NBA) Lottery, they have to get the ping pong ball bounce the right way and they have to get certainly one of those top two guys. If you get Ben Simmons or (Brandon) Ingram you're fine. They have to come away with one of those or I think what's gone on the last two years it wouldn't have been worth it. Now look I'm not saying there won't be another guy somewhere down the road in the draft, Kris Dunn for example who knows he could turn into the next Chris Paul, I don't know that. I know know Ingram and Simmons are headed for stardom, they're the kind of guys you can build around and be your marquee player, your franchise type guy and so (Sixers) need to get one of those two players."

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