We all know Chip Kelly likes his former college quarterback Marcus Mariota.

As we heard on Monday, a source tells NJ.com that the Eagles will "try" to move up in the NFL draft to select Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

And now that Chip Kelly has full control of the Eagles football operations and all personal decisions he can get Mariota, if he wants him.

So if the Eagles are going to move up to get Mariota, they would have to deal a ton to move from pick No. 20 into the top five and might even have to use a player like running back LeSean McCoy to make it happen.

According to an AFC scout told NFL.com that he believes Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly will "mortgage the future to go get" Mariota in the draft.

"All these teams high in the draft are all going to see the same things on tape with Mariota, and I'll bet he starts to fall on draft day," the scout said. "Once that happens, (Philadelphia Eagles coach) Chip (Kelly) will mortgage the future to go get him. If he misses on him, (Kelly) can just bolt back to college."

So what does McCoy think about the Eagles making a move to get Mariota in the draft?

"I'm not sure, we want to win now," McCoy told the NFL Network.  "I think we have the right players in the locker room to win.  Knowing how coach Kelly thinks, he wants to win at all costs, ya never know.  I think he's a good quarterback, but I think we have a good quarterback with Nick, so that's something we would have to wait and see, it's not my call. Every situation is different, the Redskins, they gave up everything, and if things don't work out like you plan, then what?  Who's to blame?  So a lot of questions go into those type of situations if you want to give up your whole draft for just one person."

So with that being said about getting Mariota, what does McCoy think about him as a player?

"Oh he's talented," McCoy gushed.  "I always joke with all the guys from Oregon, but one thing I have to say is he talent, he can run fast, make the right throws, he's smart with the reads, and he's very safe (with the ball) - as a player I am a fan of his for sure."

What does the AFC scout think of Mariota?

Per NFL.com:

"We've seen the same concerns on tape that everyone else is seeing in terms of his anticipation, pocket poise and simplicity of scheme," noted NFL.com. "Kelly recruited Mariota to Oregon to run his offense, and we're sure he would love to have a quarterback with Mariota's ability outside of the pocket to fully unlock the Eagles' offensive potential."

McCoy could be teammates with Mariota, part of a deal that brings him here or just have to be a fan of his if the Eagles don't end up with him.