In a shocking development this week, Sam Hinkie acquired more assets.

In a trade with the Sacramento Kings, the Sixers acquired more young players and compiled more future assets.

In exchange for two international players and a future second round selection, the Sixers acquired sharpshooter Nik Stauskas, Jason Thompson, Carl Landry and a top-10 protected 2018 first round pick from the Sacramento Kings.

The Sixers also have the right to swap first round picks with the Kings in 2016 and 2017.

The Sixers now have the two 3rd overall picks, a 6th overall pick, the 8th overall selection and the 12th overall selection in the past three NBA Drafts on their roster.

In addition to those players, general manager Sam Hinkie has a war chest full of future assets to play with when this team hopes to be in contention for the next several years.

(Listen to NBA Radio host Brian Geltzeiler from talk about the Sixers rebuilding plan)


Sheridan Hoops fills us in:

Draft Picks Coming: 2016 first round (LA Lakers, protected 1-3); 2016 first round (Miami, 1-10); 2016 first round (Oklahoma City, 1-16); 2016 first round (Sacramento, right to swap); 2016 second round (Denver); 2017 first round (Sacramento, right to swap); 2018 first round (Sacramento, protected 1-10); 2018 second round (LA Clippers); 2018 second round (Cleveland); 2018 second round (New York, right to swap); 2018 second round (Brooklyn, right to swap); 2019 second round (Milwaukee); 2019 second round (New York); 2019 second round (Sacramento); 2020 second round (Brooklyn); 2020 second round (New York); 2021 second round (New York)

Draft picks Leaving: 2015 second round (to Boston); 2016 second round (to Boston); TBA second round (to Sacramento.)

With all of those future draft selections coming in and not too many leaving in the next several years, the Sixers will be able to contend and still will maintain an ability to retool all at the same time.


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