The talk has been swirling for weeks, everyone from fans to analysts have been giving their opinions about who should be traded: Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel.  Arguments have been made why the Sixers should or shouldn't make deals, but the reality is we saw what happened on the basketball court this past season.  The reality is that this team needs a major rebuild and the team currently has three Centers on the roster, if you include Joel Embiid, who were all lottery draft picks.


CSN Philly Sixers Insider Dei Lynam joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and give further insights on the rationale behind moving on the the Sixers big men:

"Let's just take Embiid out of the situation because I think moving either Nerlens (Noel) or (Jahlil) Okafor does not have to be contingent on Embiid being healthy or not healthy.  I think moving forward you know that you can't play those two together, period.  Leave Embiid out of the discussion.  And they tried, they tried it with Nerlens at the Four (Power Forward) and they tried it with Okafor at the Four and it just doesn't work, they are both Fives (Centers).  If you think those are both starters in this league you're not going to pay them the money that you have to when one guys is going to have to back up the other.  But it is a big difference of who you move in terms of philosophy and I don't think it is a knock to say, if in fact they were interested in moving Okafor, it's not giving up on the guy.  It's trying to decide, I think you've heard Brett (Brown) say it a number of times, they now have to about (being) responsible about positions, filling positions because that's how you start to build a team."

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