The 76ers are 23-21 on the season and currently sitting in Seventh place in the Eastern Conference standings.  Since their Christmas Day game at Madison Square Garden the team has won 9 of their 12 games while improving their Defensive Efficiency.  But the team still has the dubious distinction of averaging the most Turnovers in the NBA with 18.2 Per Game.  There are still those out there who blame Brett Brown for the teams issues with Turnovers and struggles to hold on to leads in the fourth quarter.

Chris Mannix of NBC Sports Radio and Yahoo Sports joined Mike Gill on Thursday discussing if Brett Brown should be on the hot seat for the 76ers' struggles:

“I think that’s premature; the struggles that Philadelphia is having are like struggles straight out of ‘Central Casting’, they’re the struggles that every team that has had a lot of high level talent with expectations on it have gone through.  They don’t know how to win at end of games and there’s nothing you can do to change that except go through it, lose these games, and learn from them, it’s as simple as that – Being in the playoffs mix right now is a major accomplishment for this team….If they’re doing the exact same things next year I think it’s fair game to discuss Brett Brown’s job security and exactly if he’s the right man for this job but right now making mistakes in the Fourth Quarter…it’s a fact of life that guys have to go through this crap to before the reach their potential.”

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