After starting the season 1-4, the Sixers are now on a five game winning streak while averaging 114.2 Points Per Game during the streak.  Before this season, the 76ers were 75-253 under Head Coach Brett Brown over the last four years as the team made the commitment to a major rebuild.  The 2017-18 season marks the first season as an NBA Head Coach that he has a roster with high level basketball talent to coach; so this season is the first year the fans and 76ers Upper Management can make a true assessment of what Brown can do as a Head Coach.

Chris Mannix of NBC Sports Radio and The Vertical joined Mike Gill on Thursday with perspective on the Sixers and their Head Coach:

"Look, if you are using mistakes as a referendum on Brett Brown, that is a low bar, too low. This is a team of teenagers and barely out of teens (players). They’re young guys with very little experience playing in the NBA and they’re gonna make a whole bunch of mistakes.  There are gonna be three,four, five game losing streaks during the season, just like right now with 5 game winning streak that they are on at the moment. The key for this team is going to be playing their best basketball in March & April.  And that means, playoff spot or not, if they are winning four out of five, seven out of 10 in March or early April, that’s the best case scenario. Because that will give them a spring board into 2018-2019 were they can maybe really make a move and consider themselves more than just a fringe contender."

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