PHILADELPHIA ( - There are still more than a few dominos left to fall between now and the 2018 NFL Draft in April but as things stand right now the Super Bowl champion Eagles do not have picks in either the second or third rounds, a conundrum that has may believing any potential Howie Roseman movement would have a downward trajectory.

Count NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock in that camp.

"When you look at sitting at 32, and I've had this conversation with teams that are used to drafting late, I think you gotta be multiple, and I think you gotta be versatile," Mayock said during his annual pre-scouting combine conference call on Monday. "By that I mean you gotta get a good football player, but you also have to have the ability to move down if possible, if necessary."

In the case of the Eagles moving down may be necessary to recoup some of the draft capital Roseman had surrendered to build what turned out to be a Super Bowl-caliber roster.

"An ability to move down would be first and foremost in my mind," Mayock said when discussing the Eagles. "And a lot of teams like to move up and get a quarterback at the end of the first round to get that extra fifth-year option. So sitting at 32 is prime real estate for a move down."

The difference between picks 32 and 33 is negligible from a talent standpoint but the demarcation line between a first- and second-round pick is important because of that fifth-year team option all first-rounders have.

The extra year of control could end up being very valuable from a negotiating standpoint if a prospect lives up to the hype and turns into a contributor.

For the Eagles, however, moving down a number of spots to get back to business earlier with either an extra second-round pick or third-rounder may be the better path.

Whatever the decision Mayock believes that Philadelphia is in good hands with Roseman, calling his past two years in charge after the reboot from the Chip Kelly debacle worthy of being "in the general manager's Hall of Fame."

"They really positioned themselves pretty darn well," Mayock assessed.

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