If the regional criticism of Sixers' Ben Simmons wasn't already at an all time high, the Three-time NBA All-Star selection became the subject of a comedy skit over the weekend orchestrated by the man known to many people as the New Captain America.

Hollywood star Anthony Mackie was this year's host of the annual ESPY's Award Show and each year the show is known to poke fun of many athletes along with giving out awards for honors such as BEST ATHLETE: MEN’S SPORTS and BEST BREAKTHROUGH ATHLETE.  Mackie took the concept of "trolling" Ben Simmons to a whole new level on Saturday Night:

Anthony Mackie is one of the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a movie franchise that is a Billion Dollar money making machine.  Disney and Marvel have parlayed their massive following for the MCU into the new Disney+ shows that debuted this year.  Mackie's character Sam Wilson was one of the stars of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier show which was one of the most view shows on any streaming platforms this year.  Sam Wilson's character had been known as the superhero Falcon in five Marvel blockbuster movies before accepting the Captain America mantel from his friend Steve Rodgers.  Mackie's character is now one of the new faces of the Marvel franchise and his Hollywood popularity/fame is at an all time high internationally thanks to the Disney+ show.

I have said numerous times on GameNight (Weeknights at 6pm on 973 ESPN) that "Perception is Reality" in many areas of life and Ben Simmons is no exception to this as he is now the target of criticism plus jokes on an international level.  It's one thing to be the centerpiece of criticism by Sixers fan or the topic of many in Sports media but to be the subject of comedic skit by one of a big Hollywood star like Anthony Mackie is something new for Ben Simmons.

No matter how many times his teammates and people in the Sixers organization come to his defense, Simmons has done himself no favors to improve the public perception of him.  Ben Simmons has an intense negative perception among many Basketball fans and almost nothing said by those in Sports Media or by member of the Sixers can change those people's minds when Simmons himself does himself no favors.  Simmons statements to the media along with his personal activities are all characterized as examples of him being disconnected from reality or not caring enough to become a better basketball player or examples there being a much bigger problem with Simmons than just basketball that is holding him back.

At the end of the day, Ben Simmons inability to make Free Throws makes him an easy target and the man known to many as the new Captain America capitalized on it on Primetime Television at his expense.  Does this make Anthony Mackie the new favorite Superhero for some Sixers fans or is this just another example of how far Ben Simmons has fallen in public perception?  Either way, this isn't going away anytime soon.

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