Former Sixer Michael Carter-Williams played 18 minutes in his Milwaukee debut against his former team on Wednesday with seven points, eight assists, two steals and one turnover.

Before the game he told Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News that he didn't think Sixers coach Brett Brown approved of the trade that sent him to the Bucks, he believes it was a decision made by Sami Hinkie and Sam Hinkie only.

“I think the ultimate thing that it comes down to is coach Brown coaches and Sam does the moves,” Carter-Williams told the daily news. “I think that’s what it comes down to and I think that’s the agreement and that’s all I really know. I think that if it was up to coach Brown, I don’t think I would have been moved, to be honest.”

Today on the Sports Bash, I asked our Sixers insider Derek Bodner his thoughts on Carter-Williams comments.

"I think if were up to Brett Brown, there is definitely some validity that he wouldn't have traded Michael Carter-Williams," Bodner explained on the show.  "I don't doubt that Brett Brown has faith in Sam Hinkie, and he might even believe that is is good for the long-term future of the team.  That being said, Brett Brown is in the trenches, he is dealing the these players everyday.  If it were solely Brett Brown's decision, I don't doubt that Carter-Williams would still be on the team."

Listen to Sixers insider Derek Bodner discuss MCW and more on the Sports Bash:



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