Brett Brown revealed earlier today that Michael Carter-Williams, the 11th pick in the 2013 NBA draft and the reigning rookie of the year, will not be a full participant when the Sixers open up their training camp Tuesday at Stockton College in New Jersey. Carter-Williams is currently recovering from a torn labrum in his right shoulder, which he had surgery to repair in May.

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"He will not be a full participant in camp," Sixers head coach Brett Brown said about Michael Carter-Williams. "He will be more of a skeleton guy. Do a lot of shooting, but obviously still be a part of everything that we're doing."

Brown did say that he thought Michael Carter-Williams was ahead of schedule, but that he didn't know when he would be ready to play in an NBA game.

"I think if you spoke to his doctors they'd say that everything is in fact a little bit ahead of the game," Brown said. "What does that mean in regards to when he's actually going to play an NBA game? We still don't know."

"I think he's taken his time and handled it really professionally," Brown said about Michael Carter-Williams' rehab. "We've taken the restrictions, and through core work, and gaining weight, and form shooting, made the time work."

Brown said that Carter-Williams had added 11 or 12 pounds to his frame, which should help him with the physicality of the NBA.

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