Now, don't hesitate to take a microscope (or stethoscope) to what we're about to lay out for you to read (and listen). I totally caught onto the same thing, the not-so-ambiguous jab at Reid's supposedly sub-par circumstances. (I actually tend to think the Eagles' is one of the sweeter gigs in the sport. But let's not mince words.) Still Vick slobbered all over an opportunity to pay homage to his coach, and make abundantly clear his intentions.

Said Vick: "I want him to be satisfied. I want him to wear (a) ring. He shoulda been had it. It's unfortunate, the position that he's been surrounded with, the last couple years."

Which is kinda sorta ironic given that (a) the speaker here is the single-most influential entity on said "situation," being that he, you know, plays the single-most influential position in sports and (b) Reid's got more to say in contract negotiations and player personnel than the Loyola Marymount Debate team (Googled that; sorry), which should've been one of the most booming takeaways from the Shady McCoy signing.

Still, that Vick -- here, again, as he has eleventy zillion times before -- seems to so earnestly and genuinely want to stock Reid's trophy case is, really, unlike anything I've ever heard in sports. Understand the urge to repay a certain debt from a certain chance a certain someone might've taken. But the passionate and creative and repetitive tone this talk has taken is truly remarkable.