I love going to visit other cities, not only to see my favorite teams play but also to check out other stadiums and arenas! I have been to over 20 different MLB Stadiums and love exploring the towns when I am there for a ball game.

If you play your cards right, you can make it a full weekend: Get into the city early on a Friday for a MLB game, check out a college game or NBA/NHL game on Saturday, and then hit the NFL game on Sunday. College campuses, especially, are great for tailgating.

These trips are only more fun and relaxing thanks to the new service from Atlantic City International Airport on American Airlines. Here's how it works: You book your travel at flyaafromacy.com to over 70 domestic and 20 international destinations that American Airlines serves. Enjoy low-cost parking and short lines, and you can check your bags at ACY through to your destination. Then, it's time to relax on the ride to the Philadelphia airport in the comfort of a motorcoach complete with free entertainment, power seats, and WiFi. Once there, proceed to your gate and board your flight to your destination.

Here are some of the big games this fall that definitely would be worth seeing in person:

  • Sept. 16-18 - Phillies at Atlanta
  • Sept. 27-29  - Phillies at Chicago Cubs
  • Oct. 3-5 - Phillies at Houston
  • Oct. 9 - Eagles at Arizona
  • Nov. 3 - Eagles at Texans
  • Nov. 20 - Eagles at Indianapolis
  • Dec. 18 - Eagles at Chicago Bears

If you want to go international, don't forget that the NFL is playing five games in London, Mexico City, and Munich — and American Airlines can get you there.

We all deserve a break, and there's no better break than enjoying high-level sports in a different environment. Let American Airlines and ACY make your escape effortless. Book now at flyaafromacy.com.

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