While many of the headlines this Sixers' season have revolved around Rookie Center Joel Embiid, there is another Rookie that Sixers fans have been waiting to see make his US debut this season: Dario Saric is averaging 9.7 Points Per Game, 5.9 Rebounds Per Game, and shooting 35.8 Percent from Three Point range.  Saric has been an energy, hard nosed player off the bench this season playing both Small and Power Forward positions, averaging 24.1 Minutes Per Game.

Sixers Beat Reporter Tom Moore was a guest on The Sports Bash on Friday and discussed Dario Saric's first season in the NBA:

“I think he's kind of been through some up and downs early; you think about it he was going to be a backup Power Forward and then last day of Training Camp (Ben) Simmons broke his foot, now he's a starter.  He starts through the preseason into the regular season then (Ersan) Ilyasova arrives November 1st and then pretty soon Ilyasova's the starter and now (Dario is) coming off the bench again. His role has really changed; just in terms of the sort of grittiness...he does sort of mirror what the city's whole blue collar (grittiness)...I think his shot will come, the question is he an NBA starter long term or is he a Sixth Man guy of the bench?  I think that remains to be seen."

Checkout what Moore had to say about the development of Joel Embiid this season, the time table for the debut of Ben Simmons this season, and the value of TJ McConnell and Robert Covington as role players

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