The Philadelphia 76ers have a plan, despite what social media says. After a confusing draft night last week, many were skeptical about what precisely the Sixers are doing. The following morning, their General Manager Elton Brand reassured everybody that his master plan would soon fall into place. And said master plan does not involve a handful of second-round draft selections -- rather it includes experienced veterans who want to win now.

So who are some of the experienced veterans that could potentially end up in Philly? We know select players such as Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant are a longshot, but what about the Sixers own? Guys such as Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris? They are in play, but they aren't a lock. Butler knows he can get a max deal, but he's aware the Sixers can offer him the most. And Tobias Harris is hopeful he will get a max offer as well, but it sounds like the Sixers don't value him as much after seeing him play in Philly for half a season.

The Sixers plan A is obvious; Get Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler back in Philly. If they don't though, there is a Plan B. And by the sounds of it, Plan B might include adding a former enemy in Al Horford. The impending free agent center/forward wrapped up his last days with the Boston Celtics this past season and is set to test the market.

Horford's price tag won't be cheap -- especially for a 33-year-old player. The consensus belief around the league is that the multi-talented big man could see a four-year deal upwards of $100 million. The Sixers can afford it financially, but it's undoubtedly a gamble.

According to a report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the Sixers are linked in with the Sacramento Kings as surprise bidders for Horford's services. While they might not be trying to overpay the big man or anything, he definitely becomes their top option if they struggle to retain Tobias Harris. There are pros and cons to the Sixers obtaining Horford through free agency.

The number one pro would be the obvious -- one of Joel Embiid's biggest competitors is no longer giving him a hard time while playing the Boston Celtics. Another advantage will be that the Sixers have an excellent center duo, and a reliable replacement for Harris if the Sixers do lose him this offseason.

While there are positives to signing Horford, there's definitely going to be negatives too. And honestly, the negatives might outway everything else. It starts with Horford's demand. He's good, but is he worth over $100 million to potentially play backup?

Not to mention, Horford is on the decline. He could help the Sixers, but does he give them the best odds to win the East? These are all valid questions heading into the biggest weekend of the offseason, and the Sixers are surely in for a wild ride in July.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for South Jersey's 97.3 ESPN. You can follow Justin on Twitter: @JGrasso_


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