Today everyone is on their smartphones and daily scrolling through social media. Doesn't matter who you are, we have all lost hours of our lives reading posts or watching videos.

New Jersey residents are removing social media applications at one of the lowest rates in the United States.  So does that mean The Garden State residents are also obsessed with social media?

The researchers at the website gathered data from Google Trends to find out which states in America are using social media the most.  They analyzed data over 12 months from June 2023 to June 2024 and then averaged each state's interest in social media overall along with usage of specific apps.

The results of the study by found that 73.49 percent of Americans are using Social Media at a rate bordering on "obsessive". The most used social media app over the last 12 months is X (formerly known as Twitter). X is the number one most popular social media platform in 30 United States and tied for number one in two other states.

How does New Jersey's Social Media usage compare to the rest of America?

According to the research by, New Jersey's social media usage is above the national average. New Jersey has the 6th highest average interest in social media in America. At 76.3 percent, residents of The Garden State fall into the "Obsessed" range with their high usage of social media.

The most used social media apps in New Jersey are Instagram and TikTok, making NJ one of only 18 states where the X platform is not their most used social media app. Approximately 87 percent of New Jersey residents are using Instagram and TikTok.

The only state in America that uses Instagram and TikTok more is California, where 100 percent of residents use those social media apps.  Also, New Jersey residents use social media more than any other state in the Northeast:

-New Jersey: 76.3% (6th highest rate)
-New York 73.8% (15th highest)
-Massachusetts and Maine: 73% (tied for 19th)
-Rhode Island: 72.5% (23rd overall)
-Connecticut: 71.7% (26th overall)
-Pennsylvania and Vermont: 71.5% (tied for 27th)
-Delaware: 70.2% (tied for 34th)
-New Hampshire: 69.5% (tied for 38th)

Looking at New Jersey's neighbors, we find out that New York's most popular social media app is Tik Tok with 88 percent of residents on that platform while Pennsylvania's favorite social media app is X with 81 percent of residents using that platform.

Delaware is one of 11 states in America where the most popular social media app is YouTube. 84 percent of Delaware residents are using YouTube, with only five states with a high percentage of residents on the popular video streaming platform:

-Mississippi (100 percent)
-Georgia (91 percent)
-Alabama (90 percent)
-Arkansas (89 percent)
-Wisconsin (85 percent)

So the next time you talk to your friends and family, maybe ask them what their favorite social media platforms are to see if you are all on the same social media apps. Does your "social network" use Instagram and TikTok as much as the rest of The Garden State?

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