It was close to four months that the Sixers had a vacancy at head coach.

That vacancy ended last week when general manager Sam Hinkie named longtime Spurs assistant Brett Brown head coach, signing him to a 4-year contract.

Brown is known for his player development, but he's signed up for a team that's in complete rebuilding mode after trading Jrue Holiday on draft night.

Brown joined Mike Gill on "The Sportsbash" today to talk about his new position with the Sixers and how far his team is away from competing.

"We know we are effectively starting from ground zero," Brown said.

Brown also talked about the incumbent players on this roster including Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and Thaddues Young.

"Evan provides a real versatile type of player, and Hawes ability to use his mobility to shoot the ball it makes me excited to coach the group I'll be coaching."

Evan Turner has been an enigma for this Sixers team after being selected second overall in the 2010 Draft.

"I see a real versatile player in him, his better days are obviously ahead of him. I see a lot of similarities between him and Richard Jefferson, even Kawhi Leonard," Brown told Mike Gill.

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