Earlier this year, Mainland Regional High School won Under Armour's "Finding Undeniable" contest and now they are the benchmark for other schools in the country that are trying to win this year. One of those other schools is Oakcrest High School in Mays Landing.

For winning Finding Undeniable, Mainland Regional High School won $140,000 in athletic gear from Under Armour plus an additional $40,000 for the entire school to use.

Now for this school year, the sporting goods company is doing the same contest -- and there are two cool parts to this story...

First, when all of this year's competing schools across the country watch the "What's it like to win Under Armour's Finding Undeniable" video, they see Mainland Regional High School.

Secondly, Oakcrest High School is participating in the contest this year and, as of this post, are ranked sixth out of hundreds of schools in the nation.

But there's a third really cool part of this. Absecon's Holy Spirit is also in the running.

We wish all the schools good luck, and we encourage you all to visit findingundeniable.com to follow your team's progress.