The phrase "sore loser" may come to mind when you hear what this boxer has to say.

Ireland's Michael Conlan, 24, went on the war path after he lost his quarterfinal bantamweight bout versus Russia's Vladimir Nikitin in a unanimous decision.

To borrow a phrase inspired by his sport, Conlan, who said, ""I've been robbed of my Olympic dream," pulled no punches in an NSFW interview after the fight, claiming the judges and the sport's governing amateur body are nothing but cheats.

Conlan, who won bronze in 2012, was so distraught he gave the finger after to the judges after he learned he lost.

Conlan is not the first athlete who's post-match antics raised eyebrows in Rio. Last week, an Egyptian caught flak after he refused to shake hands with his Israeli opponent who defeated him in judo.

Conlan won't have to worry about the politics of amateurism any more, though, since he announced he's done with that rank and is expected to turn pro. Because if there's one sport that remains completely untainted ans pure, it's pro boxing.

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