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A Sal Pal Friday turned into a Sal Pal Wednesday with Mike Gill and Matt Segal on The Sportsbash. Sal Pal previewed this HUGE Eagles Cowboys matchup tomorrow afternoon. Sal Pal said that the # 1 thing that the Eagles must do is blitz Tony Romo. They have to get to Romo and disrupt his ability to sit in the pocket. The Cowboys offensive line is the best 'unit' in the NFC and that's another key matchup to keep your eye on. Eagles vs. Cowboys Thursday at 3:30 right here on 97.3 ESPN FM.

Jeff Pasquino

Fantasy football advice from our fantasy football insider Jeff Pasquino!

KC Joyner

Talking with KC Joyner of Joyner talked about the 'huge edge' the Eagles appear to have in the special teams game against the Cowboys. The run blocking and pass blocking of the Cowboys, however have been extremely good. The metrics with the Cowboys have been very good for a couple years now and the Eagles should hold their own, but no one outside of Arizona would be able to shut down the running game.

Fine 5/Ugly 5

Phil Sheridan NFL Nation. Sheridan talks with Mike Gill about this matchup and what Mark Sanchez needs to do in order to succeed tomorrow. Sheridan also goes over the history of this Eagles/Cowboys rivalry and what makes it so special. The Bounty Bowl, Reggie White's last game as an Eagles player, Donovan McNabb's last game as an Eagles QB (air guitar) and many more. These games are no only interesting and excited, but milestones occur in these games as well. Follow Sheridan on Twitter.

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