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Here is today’s show: Wednesday May 21st, 2014

Fran Fraschila

ESPN NCAA analyst checked in with Mike & Todd about the NBA draft lottery results which saw the Sixers wind up with the third and tenth overall picks. Fraschila likes what the Sixers wound up with last night, it gives Sam Hinkie many moves to consider next month. Fraschila said that the two players picked ahead of the Sixers may not pan out and that the Sixers could wind up with the best player. The interview began however with a possible MCW trade? Never put anything past Hinkie, says Fraschila. Also, what could they be looking at for tenth overall and the 5 second round picks the Sixers have.

Connor Barwin

Eagles LB Connor Barwin talked with Mike & Todd about rookie camps going on right now and a cool event he is putting on in Philadelphia on June 20th. Barwin also talked about the Eagles draft picks and off season workouts that he's been participating in. Barwin said that he is "confident in his abilities" and was taught during his rookie season to always try and teach incoming rookies the right and wrong way to play the game. 


Dei Lynam

On for a few minutes to talk about the Sixers getting the 3rd and 10th pick in last nights lottery. Lynam floated the possibility of Dante Exum being drafted by the Sixers, pairing Exum and MCW in their back court. She actually has mocked Exum to the Sixers at 3, with Jabari Parker slipping past them. Now Lynam believes that any deal involving MCW would have to exceptional, otherwise the Sixers will keep the 'established' point guard.

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