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Here is today’s show: Friday May 9th, 2014

Eagles Trade Down, Draft Smith

Mike and Todd open the show giving their thoughts on the Eagles first trading down from 22 to 26 and then drafting Marcus Smith, a pass rusher from Louisville. Mike and Todd like the player in Smith, they just arent sure if the Eagles reached on that pick. Many 'draft experts' have Smith graded in the 2nd or 3rd round. Both of them do like the acquisition of the extra 3rd round pick they received from Cleveland.

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Vance Bedford

Got a chance to speak with the current defensive coordinator at Texas, Vance Bedford. Before Texas, Bedford was at Louisville under Charlie Strong and had the chance to coach Marcus Smith on defense. Bedford said that he wasnt all that surprised that Smith went in the first round, he had been hearing his name rise up draft boards the past few weeks. Bedford said that Smith was moved around a lot on their 3-4 defense and at the NFL level that wont be necessary so that will only benefit him. His work ethic is unmatched and that's why he was selected 26th overall, according to Bedford.

Scott Wright

Of Draft Countdown called in to talk about the selection of Marcus Smith and what the Eagles could be looking in the 2nd and 3rd rounds tonight. Wright said that actually it wasnt that big of a reach and Wright has him being drafted in the top-50 and 'theres no question about that.' Smith is a really good athlete and the Eagles did their due diligence and have plans for him. Wright said that tonight he expects the Eagles to now take a wide receiver in the second or even third rounds. Secondary help is also possible. 


Marcus Smith

We played the Marcus Smith introductory press conference from Novacare Center. Smith has already graduated from Louisville and is prepared to begin workouts on Monday. Smith started out as a QB, but was switched to defensive end. Of course it would be tough to get playing time at QB with Teddy Bridgewater already on board. Follow the newest Eagles draft pick on Twitter.

Jimmy Kempski

Philly.com on here to talk about the selection of Marcus Smith and what lies ahead for the Eagles tonight and tomorrow. Kempski said that he actually didn't mind the draft pick and had Smith rated on a list that the Eagles could 'trade back' for. Kempski knows that positions like QB and pass rushers get over drafted because that is a difficult position to fill. For rounds 2 and 3 tonight, Kempski could have the Eagles taking a number of wide receivers appealing to the Eagles. The Eagles could also take a position of one of strength, perhaps a tight end, something that people arent really expecting. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

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5 Questions

1. Where were you last night on Smith and where are you now?

2. Is it OK to boo an athlete on draft night?

3. Isn't it better that fans dont know whats going on with their team?

4. It will be a success if Eagles come away with _________ ?

5. Favorite non football moment of first round last night?