Now that Sam Bradford has rescinded his trade demands and has arrived in Philadelphia, the next question is what is next for the Eagles and Bradford.  Josh Paunil of Birds 24/7 was a guest on The Sports Bash Tuesday and says that Bradford will be the starter in 2016 for good reason:

"It's very unlikely Sam Bradford is back after one year, but my thing is if Sam Bradford plays very well, if he plays like a 'Franchise Quarterback', first of all that decreases the chance they will get rid of him but also more important in my mind, I think what Sam Bradford really wants is just to be the long term solution anywhere. I mean I don't think it necessarily 'I have to play for the Eagles, I have to be their Franchise Quarterback, I think Sam Bradford wants long term security somewhere. So even though the Eagles bring in Carson Wentz, if (Bradford) plays well this year, if he even play like kind of well, he could be a long term solution viewed from another franchise. And I think that's what the Eagles are hoping for is that, I think that's part of the reason that he's going to have a long leash is because they're really going to try to put him out there, help him play as well as he can, not just so they can compete but so they can re-coup some of the value in the picks they lost when they traded up and got Wentz. If you can have Bradford play pretty well and get a second round pick for him in return, I mean that's a win at the end of the day for (Eagles)."

Hear what Paunil had to say about how players view Sam Bradford, why Bradford wouldn't be replaced in 2016 by Wentz, and Paunil discusses different Rookies reporting for workouts later this week