With all the speculation about the Eagles signing Chase Daniel to a three year, 21 million dollar contract the speculation from the media about the potential of a Quarterback competition has been perpetuated.


But Josh Paunil of Birds 24/7 at PhillyMag dot com had a different perspective on the reason why Daniel was signed by the Eagles and why his contract is a three year deal:


"One of the reasons the Eagles brought in Chase Daniel was not to undermine Sam Bradford but to help Sam Bradford and a Quarterback the Eagles could potentially draft, you know, get adjusted to the system, teach them the terminology and other small things like that because Chase Daniel does have that expertise and that fluency in Doug Pederson's West Coast system"


Paunil went on to emphatically say "I think this whole 'Quarterback competition' is a media creation by some people and that it's really the only way Chase Daniel is going to be the starter on Day One is if Sam Bradford gets hurt."


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