It took awhile, but Eagles head coach Doug Pederson finally confirmed that he will be sticking with Jalen Hurts as the teams starting quarterback on Sunday in Arizona.

Pederson would not commit to Hurts after the game on Sunday.

"I'm going to enjoy this one," Pederson said after the game. "I'm going to go home and relax and be with my family tonight and enjoy this win and get ready for the week."

However, after watching the film and going over everything, Pederson announced during Monday's Zoom call that he would in fact be sticking with Hurts.

"After going through the film and really looking back even into last week and the preparation and everything, I'm going to continue with Jalen this week as the starter," Pederson announced on Monday.

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Pederson had said he turned to Hurts, looking for a spark in the offense, after Wentz struggled in the Green Bay game forced him to the bench. Hurts entered the game against the Packers, and provided a spark, and carried that into the game on Sunday against the Saints.

"I felt like the flow was different, and obviously started with me as the play caller," Pederson admitted.

"One of the things that we try to go into every game and try to keep a defense off balance, and I felt yesterday -- each week, sometimes on Monday, I sit up here and go, ‘Hey, we've got to do better on first down, we have to stay ahead of the chains.’

"Yesterday we were able to do that, whether it was 1st and 10 into a second and eight, second and seven or even a second and ten. We didn't have many second and long situations. Now, we got ourselves into trouble on third down with some penalties, but we were able to stay ahead of the chains."

"So when you do that, it becomes a little bit, I even hate to say the word easier, but the rhythm and the flow of the game you can keep a defense off-balance, and have a little more rhythm."

The rookie completed 17-of-30 passes for 167 yards and a touchdown, adding 18 carries for 106 yards.

"This win today is not about one guy," Pederson explained. "This win is about this team and how resilient this team is."

Well it might not be about one guy, but that guy ran the offense and it produced.

"I thought they executed the game plan pretty well, again, with what we asked them to do," Pederson said.

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