PHILADELPHIA ( - Instead of the typical letter grades that are virtually meaningless until three years down the line we are going to take a stab at critiquing the Eagles draft by looking at what Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas did and what they actually should have done giving the lay of the draft board at the time of Philadelphia’s selections.

This will continuously be updated through Days 2 and 3 of the draft.

Round 2, No. 43 overall – CB Sidney Jones, Washington – Jones was widely regarded as a top-20 talent and tumbled in the draft after tearing his left Achilles at the University of Washington’s pro day on March 11. He would have been in the mix for the Eagles at No. 14 overall had he been healthy, something Howie Roseman confirmed when discussing the pick.

Once Dalvin Cook went off the board two spots earlier the decision was easier for everyone but Doug Pederson, who needs a cornerback who can play right now.

If Roseman's words are any indication the Eagles plan to be very cautious with Jones and he could be a 76ers-style redshirt candidate before returning in 2018.

“The draft is about the long-term interest of your football team, and if you go into it and say, ‘Hey, we have this open spot on our depth chart, we’ve got to fill it right now,’ we’re going to miss opportunities to get the best player,” Roseman claimed. “When we look at it, for us, whatever the timetable is for Sidney, when he gets back and he’s 100 percent, he’s a difference maker at the corner position. For us, that’s something we’ve been looking for."

Should have taken: CB Quincy Wilson, Florida – At least from Pederson's standpoint getting a CB who could be in the mix from Day 1 is important and Wilson, who went three picks after Jones to Indianapolis, is a pretty solid prospect himself who is very big and physical at 6-foot-1 and 214 pounds.

With a defensive coordinator in Jim Schwartz who understands how to utilize zone-coverage options, Wilson may have ultimately been the better fit for the Eagles even though Jones is certainly more talented as a press-coverage corner.

"He's big and he's tough," one AFC executive told NFL Media when discussing Wilson. "...Wilson just has to find the right spot because he's got the mindset to be a pro player."

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