Dave Dombrowski has been named the new president of baseball operations for the Phillies.

The Phillies have hired Dombrowski, who has a tremendous resume with nine playoff appearances, winning two World Series titles and appearing in four World Series with three different teams, after Matt Klentak stepped down from his role as general manager.

“This is a great day for the Philadelphia Phillies,” said Managing Partner John Middleton. “David Dombrowski is one of the most accomplished executives this great game has ever seen, and we are thrilled to welcome him to Philadelphia. Between David and Joe Girardi, we now have two of the best people in place to set us on the path back to where we want to be, and that is the postseason and contending for world championships.”

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that Dombrowski will receive a four-year, $20 million contract.

Most recently, Dombrowski spent 2015-2019 in the Red Sox front office as their president of baseball operations. Dombrowski also spent time in Detroit, Florida and Montreal.

His new team has hasn't been to the playoff since 2011 and hasn’t won a playoff series since 2010.

The 64-year-old Dombrowski has been in baseball since 1978, and is coming to Philadelphia to win, not to rebuild.

He has made his way up the baseball ranks, starting with the Chicago White Sox as administrative assistant in their minor league organization. He became a assistant general manager before moving on to Montreal in 1987, becoming their general manager a year later.

After three full season in Montreal, he left to become the Marlins general manager in 1993.  Five season into his tenure, the Marlins would win their first World Series, but that would be the only winning season he would have in Florida.

In 2002 Dombrowski would leave Florida to lead the Detroit Tigers.  In his fifth season there, he led the Tigers to the World Series, and during his tenure in Detroit the Tigers woukd be to the playoffs five times with two World Series appearances.

While Dombrowski has a stellar baseball pedigree, but he has a way of doing things that typically brings a team to the highest or highs, then crashes and doesn't end well.

Dombrowski will target top end pitching, clean out the farm system and go after big name free agents.

Will it lead the Phillies to a World Series?

Time will tell.

The other top contenders were former general manager of the Marlins, Michael Hill and Dodgers senior vice president Josh Byrnes, who pulled himself out of the running this week.

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