We are back once again with the 97.3 ESPN Phillies Mailbag.  We take your questions each week and answer them on The Sports Bash with Mike Gill.  Tune in Tuesday afternoons to hear your questions answered.

How do you think the Phillies will use Dalton Guthrie?

I can see the Phillies doing with Dalton Guthrie what they did with Darick Hall: let him rip.  Aside from throwing Nick Maton and Garrett Stubbs out there, or calling up Yairo Munoz or Johan Camargo, the Phillies went with a natural outfielder who has played all year and some so well, so I think they will use him.
Guthrie was one of the types of players affected by the 2020 COVID shutdown. Like Hall and Matt Vierling, Guthrie missed a full season.  And being a sixth-round draft pick doesn’t usually lead to prospect status.
Having had the season at Triple-A to show his ability he’s done well.  Now it’s time to show what he can do at the big league level.  At the very least, the defense is improved.
Are we going to see Griff McGarry sooner than later?
I expect the Phillies to call Griff McGarry up at some point. I think we are at the point that all hands are on deck.  If there’s an arm that looks good enough to get something out of it, now is the time.
I think the place to use him is after an early exit by a starter. Should a Ranger Suarez go four innings again, that’s a better option than Cristopher Sanchez.  And let’s face it: starters are tired.
He’s 23 years old so why not?
Are the Phillies pitchers getting tired at this point?
I think there’s something to this.  When you look at the roster, Ranger Suarez has not had this type of workload yet.  Noah Syndergaard either.  Some bullpen arms have not had a full year either.
The 2020 small season may have contributed to some having light workloads.  Tommy John surgeries limited others.  So yes, there are probably some dead arm/tired arm issues.
With Zach Elfin returning possibly and possibly Griff McGarry appearing, I think they are trying to manage that.

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