To trade down or not trade down, that is the question for the Eagles for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Everyone knows the Eagles own the number 15 pick in this years draft, but the question is what will they do with it, one of the couple of guys that make sense for the Eagles will be there at 15, but you start looking at trading down, which is an option that a lot of people have mentioned because it will come with a lot of value to move to maybe 17, 18 or 19 in the draft.

You start with the value chart, something all NFL teams use when talking trade on draft day, value-wise to move from 15 to 19 would be about a third round pick, but if you can pick-up a third round pick ans till get the guy you target, trading down might be a smart move.

So would you rather have the four picks in the first three rounds that you currently have or from a value stand-point go from 15 into the later 20's and continue to stock-pile draft picks for either this year or next year's draft.

In the end, it will come down to who the Eagles like most and where he is when it is their turn to pick.  Is it a guy like DT Fletcher Cox, LB Luke Kuechly, DE Quinton Coples, DT Dontari Poe or DT Michael Brocker and if they are there at 15 if one of those guys are on the board and they value them enough, it will be tough to pass on one of those above mentioned names.

At this point, if your an Eagles fan, your not looking for a bunch of very good players in the draft, that's what the Eagles seem to do, get a bunch of players who play,but none of which standout.  Guys like Jamar Chaney, Kurt Coleman, Keenan Clayton, Brian Rolle, Jason Kelce, Clay Harbor and Riley Cooper are all players drafted that made the team, but none of which are an impact player.

This pick needs to be a superstar, a top-of-the-line performer who is ready to step in and play from day one.  Now if you tell me you have a better chance at getting that superstar player by stock-piling picks and moving a little further down, then fine, but personally I think your best opportunity to get a star player is to stay at 15, do it, just get me a guy that can help put this team over-the-top.

The Eagles used the 23th pick in last year's draft on guard Danny Watkins after they passed on other offensive linemen like Gabe Carimi and Derek Sherrod who were also available and on many draft boards rated higher then Watkins.

While Watkins looks like he will be a solid player, he doesn't appear a guy ready to be a perennial pro-bowler.

They then surprised many by selecting a safety, Jaiquawn Jarrett the second round, giving them back-to-back season of taking a safety in round two.

At this point, we're not even sure if Jarrett is a shoe-in to make the roster, let-alone be a star.

Andy Reid, Howie Roseman and the Eagles have shown a desire to acquire more picks at the expense of higher selections in the past.

Will they do it again this year?



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