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Here is today’s show: Tuesday May 22nd, 2012.




Sixers go down in Game 5

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open up the show talking about a Game 5 loss to the Boston Celtics last night in the NBA Playoffs.  Mike Gill wonders if some of the inexperienced Sixers were intimidated by a hostile crowd up in Boston.  As Todd Ranck predicted yesterday, he wasn't the least bit surprised by their victory last night.  He still thinks the Celtics will ride on to the NBA Finals.


More of the % game

Mike and Todd play what has been their favorite game of the NBA Playoffs: the % game.  Mike Gill gives the Sixers a 30 percent chance to advance past this round, while Todd gives them a 3 percent chance.  And if the Sixers force a Game 7, the % for Todd still wont increase that much.  Todd went on to say that the Sixers just dont have the skill or the will to get past this Celtics team.


Dei Lynam talks Game 5/6

Dei Lynam who has been with us along the way these playoffs called in and gave us her perspective of Sixers vs. Celtics.  Today, she said the Sixers watched film and saw a lot of the things they did wrong and Doug Collins showed the team a video of the 1980's playoff matches between the two teams.  Dei expects the defense to slide off Ray Allen a little more than usual and she said Evan Turner needs to better in Game 6, Lou Williams as well.  Dei Lynam covers the Sixers for CSN Philly and CSNPhilly.com.


Phillies lose a close one last night

Phillies lost a close game to the Nationals last night and the guys were very frustrated with the lack of run support the Phillies gave Kyle Kendrick.  Take a listen to the cut we played during this segment and judge for yourself what Kyle Kendrick's motive was in his post-game press conference.  Phillies continue their series tonight vs. the Nationals with Roy Halladay on the mound.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL firing a coach just to fire him?

2. BUY OR SELL Brandon Graham labeling himself as a "bust?"

3. BUY OR SELL ESPN removing Pam Ward from their football coverage?


Geoff Mosher LIVE from OTA's

Our good friend Geoff Mosher, Wilmington news Journal, called in live from Philadelphia Eagles OTA's today.  Among the things he talked about was DE Brandon Graham labeling himself as a "bust right now." Mosher talked about the vast difference of the Eagles off season from a year ago where they signed big names outside of the organization as opposed to this year where they signed their own big names to long term contracts.  Mosher also said he heard from a different Michael Vick where today he said Vick understands that he needs to limit the turnovers and realize he cant do too much on every play.  Geoff Mosher covers the Eagles for the Delaware News Journal, follow him on Twitter.


Marc Jackson calls in

We heard from Marc Jackson on yesterday's ON DEMAND and we brought him back on today to give his thoughts on what he saw in last night's Game 5 loss.  Jackson actually played with Brandon Bass on the Hornets in 2006-2007, worked with him everyday, and called him "a great finisher with a bulldog type mentality."  For Game 6, Jackson thinks the Sixers should let Bass beat you as long as he's not getting those easy baskets.  Marc Jackson is an NBA analyst for CSN Philly and Sixers Post Game Live.


Top Tweets

It's time for a Tuesday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Call the dealership: 1.800.645.6115, or stop in for a visit: 7018 Black Horse Pike West Atlantic City, NJ. Have you ever caught a foul ball or home run at a baseball game?  If the Sixers played a Game 7, what time would you want it to take place Saturday night?  It's all in today's of Top Tweets!


Mike Vick says...

Mike Vick sat down with ESPN and told Sal Palantonio that "Andy Reid will not be fired on my watch."  Vick also said that he didnt prepare the right way during last years off season and doesn't want to revert back to that same way again this year.  Mike Gill wonders if Vick is in one of the last few seasons at a top level QB in the NFL.  Our Eagles insider Ryan Messick believes that if Vick stays healthy the Eagles will be a playoff contender, but Vick has to limit his turnovers and make smarter plays on the field.


A. Sherrod Blakely talks more Sixers/Celtics

Another guest who has been with us throughout this series is A. Sherrod Blakely from CSN New England.  He called in at 5:30 today and gave us the perspective from Boston and what the mood is like after their Game 5 victory last night.  Blakely said Brandon Bass was an obvious factor last night, but most importantly the extra off day the Celtics had was huge.  For Game 6, Blakely expects to see a "locked in" Celtics team because they know they need some rest before the Eastern Conference Finals.  A. Sherrod Blakely covers the Celtics for CSN New England and CSNNE.com.  Follow him on Twitter.


5 Questions

1. Is it a good move to relocate the annual Xavier vs. Cincinnati basketball game because of the brawl last year?

2. Is Kevin Garnett accurate in saying the Philadelphia fans are fair weather?

3. Do you believe Michael Vick when he says he wants to cut out his turnovers?

4. What was your favorite game to play in the back yard growing up?

5. On this day in 1994 the NFL voted to expand.  In hindsight, would you have given Jacksonville, FL and Charlotte, NC (Carolina Panthers) NFL teams?


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