LeSean McCoy was present for the beginning of the Eagles' offseason program, but does that mean that the two side are ready to strike a deal?

Eagles GM Howie Roseman joined Mike Gill on the Sports Bash to talk about McCoy, the draft and more.

McCoy is currently set to make just $615,000 in the final year of his rookie deal, but his presence at the voluntary workouts is a sign long-term talks have yet to grow contentious.  There have been reports that  "everybody involved" in the talks remained "relatively optimistic" a deal will get done before the beginning of camp.

Which, really, wasn't the focus of his Monday radio hit with Mike Gill of 97.3 ESPN FM. (Especially considering it was said in jest.) Recapping the draft was.

But, given the relative importance of a few guys who, despite their good hearts and football skills, haven't touched NFL turf and LeSean McCoy, who racked more rushing and rushing-receiving touchdowns than anybody in the sport a year ago, yeah, that notable quotable kinda pops farther off the page.

Said Roseman: "Well there's no doubt we wanna keep (McCoy) here for a long time. He's a heck of a player, heck of a person, and hopefully he's gonna be an Eagle for a long time.

"So I guess I've got my work cut out for me on a lot of other fronts, huh?"

Touché, Roseman. Touché.

Speaking of work and things that cut: Remember that time Roseman rolled up his sleeves, hauling for the Eagles one of only two "A" grades from Mel Kiper's post-draft round-up, better fitting the front office's best-rated players available with the roster's loudest, most booming needs than anybody in the game? (The Bucs, also given an "A" grade, notwithstanding.) Oh yeah.

To that end, Roseman began with a glow, gushing over his first-round haul, former Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, who (and get ready for a popular theme here), given the team's grade for him and the gamut of teams ahead of the Birds with needs Cox could've filled, Roseman didn't even think would be available.

Said Roseman: "You get an opportunity to get him and move up to the 12th pick. We thought he was a top 10 player in this draft for sure. And we didn't think there'd even be an opportunity to move up and even get him."

The Eagles GM also quelled any doubters who wondered whether Mychal Kenricks was a downgrade from (or worse, a miss, given the availability of at the time Kendricks was picked) LaVonte David, basically calling it a no-contest, advantage the linebacker from Cal-turned-seeming solution for the Eagles' blaring hole at weak side linebacker. And everywhere else on the second level.

Said Roseman: "There's no question (Kendricks can contribute right away). Here's a guy that, when we had our December draft meetings. we went around the room to people who'd watched him, and I said, 'To me, this is the easiest second-round pick in the whole draft.'

"He can play three downs, he can play any of the three spots. Explosive. Every time I look at my notes on Mychal Kendricks, the word 'explosive' came up in each game. He can play.

"He's instinctive in the run game. He can blitz. He can play in the passing game.

"The fans in Philadelphia are gonna love Mychal Kendricks."

And, truthfully, Roseman was blown away that he wasn't so beloved in NFL war rooms. (To the end that he wasn't plucked from the board before the 46th overall pick.)

Said Roseman: "Well it's funny, because when we talked about Kendricks, and then he goes to the Combine and just blows up the Combine, we got a little worried that he wouldn't be there at (No.) 46. And we feel fortunate that he was."

Which, coincidentally, was the same sentiment Roseman expressed about another Eagles draftee, former Georgia cornerback-turned-fourth-round gem, Brandon Boykin.

Said Roseman: "If he woulda gone to the Combine, he's an incredible athlete. He woulda just blown up the Combine. I don't think there's any way he's on our team, because he goes much higher.

"We felt very fortunate. This is a guy who's got a lot of experience in the SEC playing inside and out, returning punts, returning kicks.

"Shoot, he took the first play of the whole season for Georgia, took a hand-off and took it 80 yards. You're talking about a dynamic athlete, captain of the team, and we're really excited to get our hands on him."

Not that he'd tip his hand if he wasn't. But, needless to say, the sentiment Roseman shared genuinely reflected that of a guy who was pretty happy with his haul.

Said Roseman: "Well you know what? We were really excited at some of the players who were available at each pick. I'll tell you in about two or three years if it went as well as we think it did because now, everyone's excited about their haul after the draft.

"But we're really looking forward to seeing these guys get the pads on and get up to Lehigh.

"We need all the fans to get out there and support us, and help us bring a championship to this city."

An initiative we think Roseman helped further over the weekend, for sure.

(Matt Hammond contributed to this story, you can reach him at matthammond89@gmail.com)