Sam Bradford has ended his "holdout" and arrived in Philadelphia for workouts, ending the two week standoff before the Quarterback and the Eagles.  NFL Insider Ian Rapoport of NFL Network joined The Sports Bash on Monday and gave his initial reaction to Sam Bradford-Eagles two week saga coming to an end:

"First of all it's worth noting that he didn't want to get out of the contract, he liked the 11 million dollar signing bonus and the 22 million dollars guaranteed and everything team's on the hook for next year, he just wanted it to be for a different team. If he was willing to actually get out of that contract, my guess is he probably would've been traded by now. But he wanted the money and of course everyone does, who wouldn't want 11 million dollars? I don't know about him being misled, I highly, highly, highly doubt that Sam Bradford was told "You are the starter forever and we're not going to acquire another Quarterback". Absent that, then to me it's the NFL, yes it is hard to compete for your job. Nobody loves when you're the starter and they bring in a guy to compete with you, especially if that guy is younger and cheaper. But the problem that is reality not just for the NFL but life, it happens to everyone, everyone is all walks of life, everyone is looking for younger, cheaper and long term potentially better."

Rapoport went on to explain what issue he had with Bradford making a trade demand days before the 2016 NFL Draft:

"The issue that I sort of had with it was Sam Bradford knew the contract he was signing and I thought it was a really good contract. I'm not sure Agent Tom Condon has done everything right in this situation but the actual contract is great. But he knew it wasn't a 5 year deal, a six year deal, whatever, it was a two year deal. That by it's nature says 'Not Long Term'. So I don't quite understand how Bradford was surprised by anything and I think it makes sense that this hold out ended so quickly."

Hear what Rapoport explains why Bradford's holdout was ill advised, why these past 2 weeks don't hurt the Eagles in 2016 and the latest on Fletcher Cox-Eagles negotiations

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