Take it from Fredo Coreleone, you shouldn't take sides against the family.

That's what we seem to have here in the case of the Philadelphia 76ers and their 'process.'

That 'process' was put to an end on Monday afternoon with the hiring of legendary NBA executive Jerry Colangelo and chairman of basketball operations.

The process has not completely died just yet, but a seed was planted in the form of Colangelo who will seemingly take over this operation from current general manager Sam Hinkie.

(Listen to ESPN.com NBA Insider Kevin Pelton discuss the Sixers moving forward)

The hiring of Colangelo is a peculiar one in that it has come out of the blue and the four-time NBA Executive of the Year didn't have the 76ers on his radar up until ten days ago.

Since the announcement and introduction of Colangelo, reports have emerged that it was the NBA, most notably Adam Silver, that pushed for 76ers ownership in hiring Colangelo.

Jeff Zillgit, USA Today, reported that the hiring of Colangelo was "spurred" by commissioner Silver and he even went as far as calling him to "gauge his interest" in the position. Silver has proven to be an aggressive, hands-on commissioner and will call for action if needed.

A separate report emerged on Tuesday from ESPN insider Brian Windhorst that seems to convey the distaste other organizations have for Hinkie.

Despite Colangelo’s affirming Hinkie will retain final say on personnel matters and Harris’ saying this move was not a deviation from their plan, those who know Colangelo believe he will have major influence on significant decisions going forward.

“Jerry is not someone who just comes in and gives advice on something he’s invested in,” said one league executive with a long history with Colangelo. “I don’t see him as being just one voice in a collaborative process.”

“This is most certainly a wide-ranging deal,” another longtime league executive said. “Jerry is famous for being aggressive and getting perks, money and power in his deals.”

Windhorst makes it apparent that Colangelo will be running things moving forward and while Hinkie will remain in his current role for now, it's hard to imagine him staying on board long term after being unseated like this.

Say what you will about the philosophy of Sam Hinkie, the possible exiling of Hinkie would be a win-win for the NBA and 76ers head coach Brett Brown.

Take what longtime NBA reporter Stephen A. Smith said for example. Say what you will about his television show, but he has covered the NBA -- and the 76ers for decades.

"This is the biggest basketball atrocity in all my years covering the NBA, Smith told Sportscenter. The coaching fraternity has reached out to me and others to come to the defense of Brett Brown," Smith said.

At long last, Brown has an experienced, basketball mind to work with, something that he had in his time with the Spurs. Hinkie is known to have an analytical approach to basketball, something that conflicts with the old-school thought.

Whether Colangelo is part time or full time, any transaction made by the organization should need his Naismith Hall of Fame stamp of approval.

That's only a good thing.