This offseason it is no secret that the Phillies are looking to add star power.  It is also no secret that the Phillies are looking to move first baseman Carlos Santana.  While the idea of the latter was that the Phillies could use outfielder Rhys Hoskins of his natural position of first base, they appear to be at least considering leaving Hoskins in the outfield if the star is right.

Paul Goldschmidt:

The Phillies must have low confidence they can find a taker for Santana elsewhere in a separate deal.

Buster Olney of ESPN reported a day ago that the Diamondbacks were seriously considering a trade of their star first baseman. Goldschmidt batted .290 with 33 home runs and 93 runs batted in in 2018.  With 35 doubles and 90 walks, Goldschmidt posted an OPS of .922, mostly consistent with his career .930 mark.

The Phillies seem eager to add the slugger, even though that would mean Hoskins stays in left field.  Earning just $14.5 million in 2019, Goldschmidt has a very club-friendly deal, which increases his trade value.  The Phillies could add Goldschmidt and still add other assets in free agency.

It's possible the Phillies were looking to pay down Santana's contract, too, which would not make Goldschmidt that great of a bargain.  But he is indeed one of the more talented left-handed bats in the game.  The Phillies might be willing to figure out the rest of the pieces later if they can land a star.

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