The "price would likely have to come down" for the Raptors to agree to a trade for Andre Iguodala according to a report in the Toronto Sun Newspaper.

According to the paper, the Raptors are in need of an athletic small forward and have legitimate interest in Iguodala and Memphis small forward Rudy Gay but are not willing to trade a veteran, a young piece and a lottery pick for either Iguodala or Gay.

The original report stated that the Raptors would be willing to send a young player like Ed Davis with the No. 8 selection and a veteran either guard Jose Calderon or forward Andrea Bargnani, according to the report.

Either way, there would be serious holes in this deal from a Sxiers stand-point.  Does this team make them any better?  Probably not.  Iguodala might not be the scorer that the Sixers need, but none of the players coming from Toronto nor the No. 8 pick in the draft would provide the offense the Sixers lack.

I like this the deal for the Sixers but it looks like it might not be the right deal for the Raptors.

Would you do the deal? Mike Gill discusses that in today's Post-Show video.

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