The Sixers have decided to use the amnesty clause on Elton Brand, which will become official on July 11, when teams will be able to bid on him.

Got to say I am not a huge fan of the move unless there is something else up Rod Thorn's sleeve.  Why not just keep Brand, let his contract expire and become a player in free agency next year when the free agent class has some real talent.

Brand has $18 million left on the final year of his contract but the Sixers felt it was time to open up more playing time for guys like Thaddeus Young, Lavoy Allen and rookie Arnett Moultrie next season.  The Sixers traded for Moultrie and he could become the eventual replacement for Brand.

Could this mean that the Sixers are positioning themselves to sign Jrue Holiday to a bigger deal?  Reports were that Holiday was looking for a max contract and clearing out space under the cap to make that happen to avoid the luxury tax.

Do you think use the amnesty clause on PF Elton Brand was the right move?